What Are The Key Advantages Of Using Power Only Trucking Services

There are several types of trucking options available in the market. “Power only trucking” has obtained a substantial amount of traction in the past few years. This type of trucking concept refers to a load that is packed up and ready to ship.

In this article, we are going to learn about the several benefits of using the “power only trucking” option for hauling vehicles.

Ship A Car is a reputed auto transportation company that provides power-only trucking services at a reasonable cost throughout the US. The company has sliding fifth wheels to complement the trailer configuration and meet with its spinning clearance.

No Insurance Expenses

When you choose “Power only trucking”, you do not have to spend extra charges on insurance-related expenditure. It prevents the need to ensure the truck. This trucking format offers convenience and eliminates several lengthy and middle-men processes.

No Concerns Related to Maintenance

Another important benefit of power only trucking option is that it prevents any form of maintenance activities to be performed on trucks. You do not have to examine the skills and proficiency of the driver.

Ease of Operation

The biggest advantage of the “power only trucking” method is that it provides the general convenience of operation. In place of spending a lot of time organizing these details, you can easily shift on to other important areas of the business.

Reduced Costs

Compared to the other types of trucking formats, power-only trucking is considered to be the most economical of all trucking types. This is the ideal method for those who are looking for a cheaper trucking method.

As you do not have to own your containers, this method can result in huge savings. Also, you would not have to pay container fees. This makes “power only carriers” to be the cheapest options in the market. Power only truck is the most suited option for companies that own all of their containers to ship transporting products from one point to another.

Higher Level of Control

Besides saving on money, this trucking method offers greater control to people. With the “power only trucking” method, you can easily retain as much level of control over the processes as possible. It requires to own the loaders, and load and maintain them properly. The client owns the loaders that are being used. This places them in full control over the entire process.

Hauling the containers and ensuring that they remain in full compliance with government rules is all needed to be done to ship products using this method. There are specific things that need to be considered here. These include state rules, federal regulations, weight limitations, etc.


So, we have seen that no insurance and maintenance charges make power-only trucking service one of the simplest trucking formats that can find at present.

The ease of operation and enhanced control makes power-only trucking one of the best options for transportation.  So, when the next time you want to haul any product/equipment, you should choose this trucking method.

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