Customer Support Coaching Tip – Go back to the real Reason for Business

Customer support should reinforce the real reason for business. Yet, we all know in the overseas sales departments towards the rude customer support people who many otherwise most companies are really unaware about the objective of business. This insufficient understanding is dramatically affecting their main point here.

Get any company book and browse another business expert discuss the reason for business in lengthy flowing statements that really confuse the readers rather of making clearness. Peter Drucker stated it best and succinctly: Reason for clients are to draw in and keep customers.

Four words summarize the objective of business: Attract and keep Customers.

For me personally, I’ve made the objective of business lower to 3 words: . Others might reduce this to simply two words: Customer Loyalty. Nevertheless, you wordsmith this purpose ignoring it’ll disaster both delivery of outstanding customer support along with the goal to improve sales.

Now picture for moment a company that embraces this purpose and just how this translates inside the customers’ encounters. Every single action is forwarded to developing and nurturing loyal customers. Existing customers have incredible more quality than brand new ones or prospects.

The aim imprinted in everyone’s mind is to buy this patron to come back, buy many tell everybody they are fully aware. For instance, the standard week day morning breakfast customer who spends just $5.00 around the breakfast special is recognized not to be only a $5.00 customer, but rather as being a $12,500 customer. (5 occasions per week at $5.00 during the period of 50 days for ten years). When she or he doesn’t appear and place their business elsewhere, the company owner knows an adverse hit of $12,500 just happened.

Knowing the objective of business can take shape loyal customers. The only real challenge is ensuring everybody inside your organizations knows the reason and is able by their positions to actualize that goal to construct customer loyalty.

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