How To Tie The Vehicles You Want To Tow Together

Once you have chosen the right equipment and you know the maximum weight to tow your car, it is now necessary to harness your car to the one who tows you:

  • Leave a space of at least two meters between carsto install the tow bar
  • The rings are often located in your trunk with the spare wheel. Hang them on each stitch. They are located on the bumpers of both cars or in the grille. Unclip the protective cover to hang the rings then screw the bar
  • Do not hesitate to follow the instructions for the use of the tow bar that you have previously purchased

Which Lights Should I On

It is important to turn on the hazard lights on the towing truck (รถยกลากจูง which is the term in Thai) and the towed vehicle. This makes it possible to signal to other users that you are currently towing a car and thus avoid clashes.

 The vehicle must be equipped with its rear lights; if it is not the case, you must attach a plate with flashing lights on the broken car. The lighting of the lights on the towing vehicle is not sufficient.

Restrictions And Tips Related To Towing A Car

Before going to a garage or mechanic, make sure the towed car is in neutral, and the parking brake is released.

To ride with the trailer, several restrictions apply to you:

The Maximum Speed Allowed Is 50km / H: Thus, you cannot go on the highway or use the fast lane because you may be hit by other cars. Care must be taken not to exceed the authorized speed.

Avoid Sudden Movements to avoid shocks between the two cars very close. Therefore, avoid backing up or braking violently, even if you have a good braking system.

When turning, it is necessary to remove the hazard warning lights to activate your turn signal to signal your movements to other users on the road.

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