Things To Consider When Buying A Car For Your Teenager

Learning how to drive is a reliable skill. But as a parent, it is understandable why you are cautious about getting the most suitable car for your teenager who just got his or her driver’s license. When looking for a car in dealerships in Lawton OKlahoma, here are seven things you should consider.

The vehicle type and size. For young and inexperienced drivers, you have to be very particular about the type and size of the vehicle that they will be using. Take note that too heavy vehicles can be hard to handle. You should also avoid sports cars as these cars tend to have higher rates of road accidents. Many parents turn to Toyota Corolla and Camry for their teenagers’ inaugural rides.

The vehicle’s safety ratings. If you are buying a car from any of the dealerships in Lawton Oklahoma, you should never forget to check the vehicle’s safety ratings. As a standard, you have to get a car with a four- or five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You should also check its safety features: Does it have enough airbags? Is it equipped with standard automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning?

The vehicle’s connectivity features. Bear in mind that the driver of the car you’re buying is a teenager. As they live in a technology-driven world, it is better if the car they will drive has the essential connectivity features. Look for smart device integration, Bluetooth connection, and embedded voice assistant. This will make things more convenient — and even safer — for them and their passengers.

The vehicle’s speed. Parents are advised to opt for a car that is not too fast or too slow for their teens. This is also another reason why they are not recommended to give their first-time driver children a sports car: Speeding too much can lead to road accidents. A flashy car can also tempt young drivers to show off while driving.

The vehicle’s price. Of course, the price matters when looking for cars — whether in dealerships in Lawton Oklahoma or in the car brand’s store. As you are entrusting the car to a young driver, you might not want to opt for a car that’s too pricey. Also, you have to consider how much monthly payments you need to make — accounting for all your other household expenses.

The vehicle’s maintenance costs. If you are buying your teenager his or her own car, you should not only care about the vehicle’s price proper. You have to project and take into account how much maintenance costs you will incur. When doing this one, make sure to consider your teen’s behavior. If he or she’s a more adventurous driver, it’s wiser to invest in a car with superior reliability yet affordable maintenance costs.

The vehicle’s insurance costs. As an added safety net, you have to get your teenager’s car insured — or add it to your existing policy. Before buying a car, it’s better to speak with an insurance agent to get proper insurance estimates. He or she can also help you determine which coverage suits your child’s car best.

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